Can you mix Alcohol and CBD ?

If you regularly consume alcohol you may be asking yourself is it safe to take CBD oil at the same time. CBD and alcohol are safe to take together because CBD oil has a very low THC content

Read our guide to find out what you should do if you are regularly taking both.

Many people use alcohol too relax after work or when socialising, but if you are using CBD oils or products you may be concerned about mixing the two.

To understand the effects of mixing of alcohol and CBD oil we must look at the separate compounds in these substances.

Alcohol is a well know depressant although what begins as a handful of hops, sugars and other ingredients , alcohol acts on the bodies central nervous system, it affects our blood pressure, mood, coordination, and speech this is what drunk people slur their speech.

CBD as a substance interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to have much more subtle effects on the bodies system. The neurological network is responsible for keeping the whole bodies different biological systems, CBD has also been shown to interact with a variety of molecular targets outside the ECS.

If you are taking both alcohol and CBD the effects  balancing effects of CBD on endocannabinoid system (ECS) could limit the impact of alcohol, but the truth is we still do not know about the true effects of mixing the two.

Combining Alcohol and CBD is it safe?

The relationship between alcohol CBD oil and alcohol has not been studied , but a white paper study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology  in this study very few differences were found between those administered CBD and alcohol and those administered alcohol and CBD separately.

Looking at the scientific research if you drink alcohol and take CBD oil the CBD oil will not negate the effects of the alcohol there is no evidence to suggest that either substance has a bearing on the other but there is still not enough studies to fully conclude the effects.

Is CBD and alcohol safe?

Alcohol is a well know depresnat and its addictive qualities its are well documented the effects of alcohol depend on the type of alcohol and the amount of alcohol you consume.

It is also well documented that CBD oil, is well tolerated within the human system a study by the (WHO) World Health Organisation it seems that the ECS synergises well with many natural ingredients, won’t produce psychotropic side effects, and, provided it’s prepared to the correct standard, CBD oil won’t contain any unwanted additives or chemicals.

With the limited information available, combining the two should be safe, but as is the case with any substance that alters how we think, feel, or act, moderation is crucial. If you have any doubts or concerns, start by talking with your doctor first.

CBD infused beers what’s the deal ?

Researchers are undecided on mixing CBD and alcohol but many CBD infused beers have entered the market, brewers from many countries are making new products and trying to understand the effects.

CBD beers and alcohol infused with CBD are marketed as a new convenient way straightforward way to take CBD . There has even been interest from many large companies who produce vodka, whiskey and rum.

The combination between the CBD industry and alcohol is still new but when big business gets involved in there primary reason is profit with over two billion people drinking alcohol you can see why.

Alcohol and CBD products what’s next

Mixing CBD and alcohol cannot be condoned and doing this may or may not make you feel high new products especially beer, are enjoying a surge in popularity especially oil the US and Canada  but taking these products are still in their infancy and should be approached with caution.


At we try to provide a resource in caring about in learning about CBD and how it influences the human body, our comprehensive CBD Encyclopedia is a good way to explore. We have not started selling alcohol infused CBD products yet on our website but we are still selling CBD oils, capsules, gummies, hand creams and many other products.

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