Welcome to our CBD oil buying guide To help you chose the right CBD Oil

Choosing the right type strength and dosage of CBD oil or product you intend to use is paramount to the success for the results you expect from taking CBD Oil or supplements our buying guide aims to make it easier for you to choose one of our products.
The best quality CBD oil will always be clearly labelled but you can consider 6 criteria before you buy CBD Oil.

1. Make sure the CBD content is clearly marked


Dosages and percentages can be made confusing because of the strength of the product can also depend on its volume so the the question you need to ask for the outset is.

What does the product clearly specify the total amount of CBD content in mg and is it clearly labeled on both the bottle and the box?

Because the dosage of CBD need to be different for each individual user there isn’t a standard amount of CBD that everyone takes as this would depend on weight height and body mass, so if you know the exact amount in milligrams per millilitre (for example, 250mg in 5ml) this will ensure you can measure and monitor how much you take to be able to figure out what is right for you through our compressive guide.

2. Supercritical extraction Co2

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Full spectrum high quality CBD oil will be CO2 extracted this is why supercritical extraction CO2 is considered ‘the highest standard’ for Cannabidiol properties, because it preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and all of the compounds within the CBD oil, while it is safe to extract in this manner and it is extremely effective, this involves very expensive equipment which freezes the CO2 gas and compresses it into a supercritical cold liquid state.

Cannabis contains over 100 diffrent cannabinoids these include CBDA, CBG and CBC, and over 300 types of chemical compounds these also include terpenes, phenols, flavonoids as explained in our CBD encyclopedia . The extraction of CBD with these other compounds, the user will be able to able to benefit from the entourage effect the theory is that by using the whole of the hemp plant rather than a singular aspect, the idea behind the science is that there will be a boost in the health benefits and overall therapeutic effect of cannabinoids contained within the Co2 extracted CBD oil . Cheaper methods of extraction such as butane and ethanol will not preserve the integrity of the plant’s active compounds and can also leave heavy metals in the CBD oil and other damaging compounds.

3. Is the THC content right



The THC content must be below 3% otherwise you could be prosecuted while driving or operating machinery you must also ensure that the product’s certificate of origin and analysis prove that the THC content is within the legal allowable range. This is very important as it ensures you’re buying a legitimate product that adheres to EU and UK law.

4. Quality CBD oil will be organic and free from toxins

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The best quality CBD oil must be orgainc but what does the product claim to be organic or is it fact certified organic because there is a difference. So how pure is the CBD oil and how can you know for certain that it is what it says on the tin?

One of the stains of cannabis “Cannabis Sativa L” is considered a bio-accumulator  this means that if it is not grown organically it will coonskin the compounds that are near to it or it will contain the compounds it was grown in this is why your CBD oil should be fully organic and without heavy metals, fertilisers and pesticides so check the lab reports of your particular brand before purchasing it.

Finding a registered manufacturer and grower that can report the full lifecycle from organic seed planted, harvested, extracted and bottled so the CBD extract is quantified through every process. Some CBD oils claim to be organic can be very different from being in fact a properly documented for a certified organic producer also look out for brands that can prove their organic claims.

Our CBD oil has full organic certification even if you don’t buy our own band any other producer should provide full analysis and testing to show what exactly is in their oil or product.

5. Does Cannabidiol mean the full spectrum of CBD ?


In a word no full spectrum CBD Oil means that the better the extraction method the better the terpenes and other cannabinoids and compounds  within the oil. Consuming quality oil with the correct extrication methods and from a certifiable organic source this will contain many beneficial active ingredients that are present in the whole “Cannabis Sativa L” plant.

These cannabinoids like CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol) CBDa, (Cannabidiol Acid), CBGa (Cannabigerol Acid), the plant’s chlorophyll, flavonoids, lipids, waxes,  terpenes, and other compounds including phytonutrients will enhance the powerful properties to improve the synergy and effect they can have huge health benefits to the humans system these have been widely studied to improve wellbeing and synergy in humans.

Every different crop and production method have slightly different profile of these biomolecules you can see by studying each different batch of lab reports which are best suited to your needs.

6. Tried and tested


There are many products on the market but don’t be fooled by some products that claim to be hemp oil or CBD extracts made from CBD crystal isolates or like CBD drops made from crystal isolates although we sell isolates we are clear what the are and their properties. CBD isolates are crystal isolates are a concentrated  lab-produced form of CBD and are not to be confused with full spectrum CBD oil.

There are many inferior products as laid out in this guardian article but being aware of the items on sale and what you are actually purchasing is a choice so if you can’t prove the provenance simply do not buy the CBD oil as without lab tests and heavy metal reports what are you actually buying our certificates of analysis are available fro every product thought out or website.

  • microbiological and pathogenic bacterial contaminants
  • mycotoxins
  • pesticides
  • volatile organic compounds
  • the full cannabinoid and terpene profile and potency
  • heavy metals

Our CBD Oil is the best quality CBD on the market and we can prove this by our provenance and our seed to bottle organic certification, CO2 extracted, THC free, certified organic, full-spectrum and third-party lab tested.

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