CBD Dosage:

Trying to work out the correct dosage of CBD can be a bit of a mine field with a lot of new users new to the therapeutic compound, because it relies on many variables. These variables include physical health, weight, age and metabolism to the condition being treated and the CBD product being used all sustain an impact on dosage.

There is no all encompasing answer, but to help get you started, cbd-cannabis-oils.co.uk has has put together some good information alongside our own regulated guidelines on calculating the right dosage for you.

You can trust our CBD oil

Choosing a quality CBD brand is not easy you have to make the choice and study the information and provenance of your oil, this helps with knowing that the amount of CBD oil you are buying is the right purity, this will help when it comes to accurate dosing, but also to ensure you get a quality product that contains everything it should, without any unwanted chemicals or additives.

At cbd-cannabis-oils.co.uk all of our products are tested thoroughly, with all the technical lab analysis published on our website with every batch being traceable and available to the public. If you decide to try our CBD oil , you can study the full details and a breakdown of all the cannabinoids contained within our products.

CBD Oil is safe but dosage should be low at first

Our CBD oil is of the highest purity direct from the Netherlands so you should not need such higher dosages so the golden rule is start low.

The potential of CBD lies in its ability to work with the human bodies endocannabinoid system and complement its ability to help restore balance and restoring the balance to this system is different for every single user. Find that balance should not mean taking more than is needed in the body, even the effects are positive. Other supplements like cod liver oiler only  meant to be taken once a day some times less is more.

Establishing a dosage that is right for you depends solely on you this can be increased is the health benefit you are looking for has not been reached. CBD oils and extracts have shown that they are safe to consume and have fantastic health benefits.

Confused about what the different percentages on our CBD products mean?

When we talk about the percentage of CBD, the percentage figures refers to how many milligrams oil are in the CBD. One of our most popular products is 2.5% CBD oil this contains 230mg, while our 5% CBD oil contains 460mg. So as the percentage of CBD oil increases, so too does the concentration. In a 10ml bottle of 2.5% CBD oil, so users can expect around 200 drops, with each drop containing 1.15mg of CBD.

So on average our guidelines are daily dosages of 3–4 drops, three times a day, this would mean consuming approximately 15mg of CBD (based on our 2.5% CBD oil). 160mg is the maximum usage for CBD oil so 15mg is well below this.

Our 5% CBD oil is more of the middle ground, between the stronger and weaker concentrations you could consume four drops, three times a day, you would still only be consuming approximately 24mg of CBD this should be more than adequate for most therapeutic causes.

Dosing of CBD is hard to calibrate as nervy human processes food and water differently and you may need less so start low and work your way up, try taking the same dosage for several days.

To help you calculate the amount (mg) of CBD being consumed, you can use the following as a guide:

2.5% CBD Oil: 1.15mg CBD per drop
5% CBD Oil: 2.3mg CBD per drop
10% CBD Oil: 4.6mg CBD per drop

15% CBD Oil: 6.9mg CBD per drop
20% CBD Oil: 9.2mg CBD per drop

30% CBD Oil: 13.8mg CBD per drop
40% CBD Oil: 18.4mg CBD per drop


Dosage of capsules

Even in capsule form CBD can be effective and easier to regulate that’s why our other products including the capsule are becoming increasingly popular

4% CBD Softgel Capsules: 6.4mg CBD per capsule
10% CBD Softgel Capsules: 16mg CBD per capsule
20% CBD Softgel Capsules: 32mg CBD per capsule

Th right dosage will depend on your weight height and many other variables, but taking one capsule of our 5% three times a day is an excellent place to start.

A conclusion on CBD dosing

We can only offer advice on CBD dosing and through our own experience and guidelines but the key message is listen to your body if it’s working well its working.

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