General Terms and Conditions for Use of the Website (T&Cs)

These are the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and the General Terms and Conditions of Business of Nationaltrades Ltd (“” or “we” or “our”) (“T&Cs”). Our Terms and Conditions contain very important information which is relevant to you as a user of this website and as a purchaser of our products these T&C’s apply to all products used or purchased from our website. T website and all related services are expressly subject to acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions. By using our website or purchasing products form the website, or using any of our services, you as a consumer will automatically accept these “General Terms and Conditions”.

Our T&Cs can change and we will publish them as we see fit this includes alterations to our T&Cs. offers access to our website and its products and services on the basis of your acceptance of the T&Cs. If you do not approve of terms and conditions you will not be able to make use of our services or website or to acquire products from us. Any inconsistencies in interpretation of these T&Cs may not be used against

1. Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions of Business (T&Cs)

1. Our General Terms and Conditions of Business T&Cs apply to the use of the website ( and any related subdomains we use) and all products, deliveries, offers, and services on our website, and any other agreements entered into with, or on behalf of,, or as far as not otherwise agreed to in writing.

2. The use of the website and taking up services via this website or ordering products you the customer (“customer” or “you”) will automatically issue the approval to for latest relevant version of the present T&Cs.


3. By using the website you are accepting these T&Cs, you also declare that in your current country of residence you are legally of age to use the services offered by

The use and purchasing of our products or services are legal in your county of residence or intended destination of use. It is the exclusive responsibility of the customer to ensure compliance with this requirement, and duly waives all liability in that respect.

3. All information and content published on the website (including brands, logos, copyrights) is the intellectual property of, and without prior express permission from you the customer may not change distribute, alter or use the content for any purpose, rather than its intended use.

5. We at reserve the right to refuse entry into an agreement or the provision of services at any time, without specifying reasons.

2. General information and the offer of services and products


1. All of the information which is use as content by , or in any other manner, about our products and services is intended exclusively to information to you the customer, the information we provide must not be viewed as medical knowledge or advice in any way shape or form. It is the customers decision about  how when and where to use of our products or services based on information provided by

Any use of the information on will be the users own decision and taken at their own risk.

2. All of the blog posts and information is written to the highest possible standards but cannot guarantee that all or any of the information is correct any this information is subject to change or removal. will continue to hold the rights to change or alter any information on the website or in other written documents without any prior notice. By using the website you confirm that it is your responsibility to check all information as we cannot be held responsible for alterations of any of these T&Cs.

3. On our website, may offer “deals” or “special offers” through its range of products. can add will alter, restrict, or fully withdraw any such offers as we see fit without any liability and at any time we see fit to do so.

4. can and will reserve all the rights to alter and remove any of its product lines , at any time and without accepting liability in any way to consumers, customers or any other third party.

5. reserve the right to withhold discontinue or halt the sale of any or not all of our products without any particular or the provision of services to any individual customer or third party.

6. are not able to guarantee that our services and website will be error free and we reserve the right to take down the website if we see fit if this is the case, will contact the customer to identify a suitable solution or you can contact us.

3. User registration, user account, and personal details

1. To make an order on the, you must as a customer make a registration via the registration page by doing this registration process you are immediately subject to the terms and conditions of

You must upon registration select a password and username which must be kept safe by the customer at all times is not liable for any lost passwords or usernames but you can retire these via the tools on By using this registration information we will assume that the person using our website is the registered customer.

2. and any of its representatives will never ask you for your password or username.You can revive your information via the tools in the login area or if you have completely lost your details or your registration details have been stolen you must reset your password or inform us and we delete your account once you have proved you are who you say you are.

3. takes no responsibility for your account information and it is up to you to be sure that this correct and up to date. will not accept any liability for additional costs or any delays by incorrect or wrong data inputed by the customer and cannot be held responsible for issues arsing from your imputed data.

4. All your details are processed and protected by as described in our Data Protection Policy. The Data Protection Policy to red our data protection policy please read here

4. Establishment and entering into of an agreement on the website

1. displays the products and owns the brand but not all products are in stock at all times.Viewing the items and ordering products via the website does not mean that the customer is entering into a purchase agreement until the items are dispatched. This is because cannot guarantee that any particular product are available in stock at all times, but on the whole we run a stock check system but van with this in place when the customer submits an order the purchase agreement is not activated until the product is dispatched.

2. When the customer submits an order, the order becomes legally binding for a period of 7 working days we will send a confirmation email once the order is placed but does not represent the entering into of an agreement.

3. At we endeavour to ensure that all specifications and information on or other blogs and news are correct, we cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions. reserve the right to correct date or cancel an order if we suspect the order is fraudulent or any information on the order is not correct.

4. enters  into an agreement with yourself as soon as the ordered products are sent to you. can and will reject the right to reject the establishment of an agreement without specifying any specific reasons.

5. If an order is cancelled by either or customer then we will do our utmost to notify the customer if the order is restricted, cancelled, or suspended, will try to use the information provide by the customer to notify of any arrangements that may have changed once the order is placed cancelled or changed.

5. Conditions of payment and pricing

1. All prices specified by on its websites include statutory value added tax postage is paid by the customer but we have the right to change P&P without notice.We may offer deals at any given time like “two for three” or “free postage on purchases over £25” we have the right to remove these offers. All costs that are indicated separately like postage  must be paid by the customer.

2. Products will be sent by, based in the UK from 49 Ferguson way Kesgrave Ipswich Suffolk IP52FZ. The customer shall be liable for any customs duties, import charges, and duties payable. has no influence on such additional costs, and is not able to issue any statements concerning the level of those costs. For further information, please contact your customs authorities at the destination location.

3. The price of purchase must be paid in advance by the customer products will not be sent without clear funds or before the full purchase price has been received, the products will not be delivered to the customer. In the event of delayed payment, without granting any extension, we may withdraw from the agreement if this is to occur.

4. We accept many digital ways of payment these payment methods are shown clearly on the cart on the website. We many change the ways of payment due to updates in technology or for any other reason.

6. Delivery of our products

1. Our delivery guidelines are as follows your order will be delivered to the delivery address specified by you when placing the order within 3 to 6 working days, as long as the specified product is available. At the present time we are only delivering in the UK but when we do deliver certain countries longer delivery times will be needed these will be made clear at point of purchase. Delivery times may differ because of different couriers we endeavour to deliver as soon ad possible but delivery times are non-binding. will not allow the withdrawal from the purchase agreement because of poor or incorrect deliveries.

2. aims to deliver as soon as possible but if we do default in making a delivery, you must first allow us an extension of at least 15 working days so we can remedy the delivery or fulfil the agreement if we do not fulfil the agreement you will be entitled to withdraw from the agreement. If you the purchaser need to withdraw from the purchase agreement, will return the purchase price via the seam method upon which you paid and place allow three working days for clearance. will not pay for or refund any compensation for late or failed delivery.

3. will endeavour to see the correct items that are ordered  but you the customer must accept part deliveries if, this could be for example if you have ordered three items two may arrive separately because some of the products ordered may no longer available or could be delivered at a later date.

4. The products are handed over to a courier service or Royal Mail service there are risks once the items are transferred to the customer upon the sending of such products shall not be liable for the damage or loss or of products during transport.

7.Right of return warranty and right of return

1. will guarantee all products from defects in the customer is required to open and inspect the products immediately following their receipt and notify by email or in writing of any defects within 7 days if the customer does not approve the products they will be considered to be fine and approved. Any errors in packaging or addresses  must also be notified to by email within 7 days following their discovery.

2. ensures that all our products are natural and may have natural variations in taste smell or appearance which we provide no guarantees under these T&C’s.

3. All of products are presented in a satisfactory condition any deviating images or information about or descriptions of products on our website or in other written documents from may not be considered as guaranteeing particular characteristics in any way

4. Faulty products must be returned to for inspection, at the address 49 Ferguson Way Kesgrave Ipswich Suffolk IP52FZ. is entitled either to provide replacement products or to reimburse the purchase price. In the event of reimbursement of the purchase price, import duties will not be reimbursed. is not liable for any losses suffered by the customer on the basis of faulty products.

5. If the customer is not satisfied with the purchase or order, you can return the products to within 14 days following receipt of the products.The customer must contact in a reasonable amount of time so we can process your return we will only refund if the product is returned unopened, unused, undamaged and sealed with their original packaging. When we have received the product we will refund the purchase price and the conditions fare fulfilled for the return are fulfilled, return costs will not be reimbursed.

8. Exclusion of liability

1. All liability upon as far as legally possible or any company affiliated with in the eyes of UK law will and shall be excluded from any and all losses or other injuries suffered by the customer. The customer by entering into the purchase agreement agrees to this exclusion of liability in the delivery or use of the products and services of

2. The customer or user of our products agrees that the use of the services and products that are provided by shall take place at the customer or users own risk.

9. Our customer services

In the event of questions, comments, or complaints concerning our products and services, please contact us by email or via the contact form on our website . will make every reasonable effort to contact you within 3 working days.

10. Amendments to them(T&Cs) General Terms and Conditions of Business reserve the right to change add or amend these T&Cs at any time, without notification. The T&Cs are published in the latest version on our website or notified in some other form.

11. Provisions of all conditions

1. These T&Cs are covered by all the provisions but they may become at any point partially fully or ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected if in place of all ineffective provisions, effective provisions shall be introduced, which as closely as possible match the original intention of all the parties using our services.

2. The agreement between, the customer, and these T&Cs is exclusively subject to material UK law only.

3. If there are any disputes between or in relation to the agreement between, the client/customer or user, and these T&Cs  shall be exclusively submitted to the court in the place of establishment of (including their valid acceptance).

12. Contact

The website is operated by National Trades Ltd which is a trading name. If you or the company you work for have questions regarding this website and its content, please contact our customer services department by email.

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