How to take CBD oil?

Here at we have seen the exponential growth in popularity once the health benefits had been studies and made common knowledge this resulted in the development of numerous new CBD products these included oils, infused vape juices, gummies, creams consumers now have many ways of taking CBD.

CBD oil

Here at we sell most types of CBD oil and want you to have the best experience when using our products so here are the best ways to take our products. CBD oils are simple and day to take they are easy to carry and simple to use. CBD oils have now become the standard way to take CBD but not the only way.

CBD oil can be taken sublingually under the tongue for best practice, others products must be swallowed, usually out of a dropper this is not the only way to take, CBD many users who dislike the taste will be buoyed by the variety of liquids and foods for more convenient dosing CBD. CBD oils can be safely and effectively added to just about any food or liquid that can carry them.

• Sublingual (under the tongue)

Many CBD users apply CBD oil sublingually under the tongue this is a quick and effective way of safely ingesting CBD. Using CBD in this way the effects of CBD can enter the system in a quick effective way. Using CBD in this way makes it easy, simple and attractive dosing method for those in need of immediate relief. Administering CBD in is way sublingually, simply place a few drops under the tongue and wait about 60 seconds before swallowing.

Sublingual dosing works via CBD passing through the extremley thin membrane under your tongue directly into the bloodstream and the brain, taking this way bypasses the time it would take to go through the stomach through digestive system if swallowed.

How to take cbd oil

Softgels capsules & Gummies

Gummies and softgel capsules are made by inserting CBD oils into dissolvable gelatine capsules and dummies which are made with gelatine these are not vegan.Many users like capsules because they cannot taste the CBD oil and because of the convenience. All of capsules are tasteless and odourless meaning that they can be consumed conveniently and discreetly.

Our capsules and gummies are also designed so they finish breaking down after they leave the stomach and enter the intestines this way the CBD is concentrated as less is potentially broken down in the stomach.

• Edibles Cakes and Cookies ?

You can introduce CBD oil into many foods this are called edibles, they have gained popularity as a discreet dosing because you can place your oil in any food using it in this way CBD can be advantageous because ingesting CBD oil in this edible form is the duration of its effects on the body.

When CBD is swallowed and processed slowly  by the stomach, CBD’s effects tend to last longer than when administered under the tongue sublingually. This is in part due to the fact that it takes longer to process CBD via this method it is absorbed and processed gradually.

CBD with anti-inflammatory vitamins or minerals

Many consumers mix their CBD with additional vitamins C, D, E and minerals for added effect the reason for this is when they are combined with other natural anti-inflammatories like garlic and curcumin, dark chocolate, CBD can act as an essential part of an all natural anti-inflammatory regime so many choose to mix with existing remmides.

CBD face and hand creams

At we sell many CBD lotions balms, and creams which are used to keep skin healthy and young, our creams can also help with many skin conditions. Infused creams are applied directly to the skin as part of a beauty regime, or to problem areas to provide localised effects. There, CBD is absorbed and processed through cannabinoid receptors in the skin, but never makes it to the bloodstream. Creams can be applied at the same time as CBD is consumed orally (or otherwise) in order to magnify the effect, providing relief both inside and out.

CBD oil with liposomes

Liposomes are effectively small pockets of fatty tissue that can be mixed into other substances. They have long been used as nutrient carriers, aiding in digestion and metabolisation. When it comes to CBD, the addition of liposomes improves the delivery and absorption of cannabidiol by the body.

Researchers speculate that liposomes may be able to help those who lack the adequate cannabinoid receptors needed to fully process CBD. For these people, CBD’s effects will only be partially felt. However, liposomes may help them to better absorb the CBD, and thus experience its full effects. Like some gel caps, liposomes protect the CBD during its journey through the stomach, and go further by aiding absorption by the cells CBD is targeting. The result is a faster, stronger CBD experience.

Vaporizer liquids

When it comes to vaporizing CBD, it is extremely important to know most conventional CBD oils are not suitable to vaporize normal CBD oils are made to be made to ingested often use olive oil or hemp oil as a carrier. All of these carriers contain lipids, lipids are completely safe to swallow and ingest as part of a balanced diet but can cause great harm to the lungs if inhaled as a vapour (So Do Not Vape CBD oil).

CBD CBD Oil is NOT suitable for vaporizing but our selection of CBD vaporised liquids are safe to vape.

Specialised CBD eliquids from are required if you wish to vaporize, and can be vaped out of most conventional vaporizers and electronic cigarettes and require no specific parts.

There are many vaporising options for vaping juices our vapable CBD juices from oils come in all kinds of concentrations, giving you more flexibility when it comes to vaping.

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