Does CBD oil have Psychoactive properties

Psychotropic Vs psychoactive

If you are searching for CBD products online you may find that many list the compound as non-psychoactive because psychoactive because marijuana and THC are often described in that way.This by definition helps to position CBD as a heath product and not a mind altering drug.

Is CBD really non-psychoactive?

CBD should technically be described as non-psychotropic, which is the scientific term used to describe a substance that does not affect your ability to carry out tasks or alter your mental state.

This is defined by scienteists as bellow.

Psychotropic: Denoting drugs that affect a person’s mental state

Psychoactive: A substance affecting the mind

Cannabis when taken is a psychotropic substance and affects our mental state, our perception of the world and our sense of reality.

The other term psychoactive is often used in the wrong context it implies that a substance that affects the mind, and this may have negative repercussions, there are many of psychoactive foods and compounds including chocolate that we consume daily without risk. Just because something can alter our mind doesn’t necessarily mean that the effect is dangerous or undesirable.

Cannabis is the most-used illicit drug in the world but for many who don’t want this altered state of mind but are looking to take advantage of the potential health benefits of CBD this has increased research into CBD and its health benefits.

Psychoactive I don’t want to take that

The truth is many take psychoactive products daily without knowing it, but something we all eat and enjoy regularly is psychoactive as mentioned previously chocolate the Cocoa bean is know to be psychoactive. The compounds within it dark chocolate have the known effects of realising stress this makes chocolate a psychoactive substance.

In a paper published on the NCBI website found that many eating chocolate improved wellbeing. The patients used for the study were from various demographics for  the ages of 18 to 49, some of the subjects had a history of depressive episodes and they indicated that eating chocolate consisted of feelings of increased energy or increased concentration. Chocolate has the psychoactive secret which influences serotonin levels, a mechanism that CBD shares which would have guessed.


CBD stimulates serotonin

Just like chocolate CBD stimulates serotonin which is neurotransmitter responsible for transporting signals to different areas of the brain this is the neural network which sends transmissions. Low levels of serotonin are associated with conditions like depression and anxiety improving the serotonin increases that level therefore increasing mood.

A white paper published on the “National Institute of Health” researchers found that the administration of CBD in living subjects RATs could significantly enhanced serotonin levels. These studies did dependon the original mental state and the duration of the treatment, but an increase was observed nonetheless.

CBD isn’t intoxicating but is psychoactive !

CBD we know is safe and does not alter your mind or state off mind .There have been many studies that have taken place by the WHO  cbd study  which confirm there is no side effects or toxic effect from taking CBD.

A large  part of its the WHO’s investigation into CBD,  confirmed that“CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile”. There were some side effects reported but these adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing conditions or medication please see here for the side effects that were reported.

CBD you must take in moderation

Like Cocoa CBD can positively affect our mind and mood as proved already, just as chocolate does by stimulation serotonin.Both compounds are likely to have adverse effects when to much is taken because like any drug if you take stomach of it the neurological pathways become accustomed to the extra serotonin .We suggest that even substances that are good for our health should be consumed in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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