Can I add CBD oil to food and drink?

You can add CBD to virtually every food and drink substance it is an extremely versatile cannabinoid. Some people find it hard to find a method of mixing it that compliments the food and drink they already enjoy. Some people find the taste of CBD oil hard to take and prefer to mix it with their food or drink? Some people find it hard to remember to take the correct CBD dosage during the course of the day, so preparing your dosage can be beneficial to keeping the routine.

It is easy to integrate CBD oil into your daily routine and it can be done in a safe and in a comfortable way you can do this by adding it to food and drink you can add CBD oil, CBD black cumin, CBD hemp seed oil, seed oil into a wide variety of foods , with delicious and effective results.

Some of the pros of cooking with CBD oil

• CBD oil is excellent in cookies, brownies and other backed treats
• You can also add CBD oils to salads and fresh foods
• Covers the taste of  CBD oil
• Effects of CBD last longer

Disadvantages of cooking with CBD oil

• You cannot heat CBD oil directly
• Effects can be delayed as CBD enters through the stomach
• Precise dosing is hard
• CBD oil works best with natural,healthy fats

How to use CBD oil in cooking

As we’ve alluded to, there are several ways to infuse CBD oil into everyday food and drink.

• Drinks

You can add CBD to smoothies very easily this is is a great way to incorporate the CBD quickly into your daily routine. Making smoothies is a healthy way to incorporate fruit and vegetables and tend to have a strong taste and texture which has the added benefit of masking the taste of the CBD oil. Blending CBD oil in this way instead of cooking the compound which can lose some of its qualities. Using this approach the CBD is contained it has nowhere to go this makes CBD smoothies a concise and economical way of dosing.

You may also want to add CBD to coffees and teas with a few drops directly to tea and coffee but is best to do this once the drink is cooled slightly.

• Hot dishes

You cannot fry with CBD oil at all as the oil in CBD is only a carrier for the compound, and you will lose the CBD compound to evaporation and heat . If you’d like to incorporate CBD oil into a hot dish, simply wait until it’s done and sprinkle some on top.

You can however bake with CBD this is another convenient way to dose with CBD oil but when cooking you must not go above 170°C/338°F when baking or your CBD as this could degrade your product.

Baking in batches also allows you to measure out you’re doses accurately, dividing your batches of cookies or cakes is easy  if you have sixteen equal-sized cakes, you can measure how much goes in pretty precisely.

• Cold dishes

CBD oil makes a great garnish or dressing if used properly if you’re having a salad, you could add some CBD oil into the mix. Using CBD oil on salads is an efficent option as it negates the need for heat which can if overdone be troublesome. Be aware that you may leave some CBD oil in the mixing bowl so if you can make sure you mop up the CBD with piece of bread.

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