Where should I store my CBD products?

Here at cbd-cannabis-oils.cou.uk  we want to make sure you get the most out of your product but how do you make sure CBD maintains its integrity for as long as possible.

Storing your products from cbd-cannabis-oils.co.uk is not difficult, but you must consider thee issues that could degrade your product.

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Air

It is important to store your CBD products in the correct place this will vary depending on what kind of product you have. We’ll go through some varieties, and suggest the best storage options.

• CBD oil

CBD oil should be stored in a cool dark place, protected from UV rays, with little exposure to air if you wish to use it over a few weeks you should refrigerate it when not in use.

• CBD Gummies and capsules

CBD gummies are similar to sweets but can deteriorate we suggest keeping them in air tight container our capsules should be kept with a few key differences: unlike loose oil, capsules have a layer of protection against the elements so keep in a secure light proof container

Many capsules can still be exposed to the elements when bought. If you’d like to extend the shelf-life of your capsules, ensure they are held within a secure, lightproof container. Capsules can usually be stored at room temperature on shelves or in drawers and cupboards.

• Liquid supplements: , melatonin,CBD with vitamins etc.

Liquid supplements that contain CBD with additional ingredients should be stored in a cool, dark place in airtight, UV-protected containers; and to be safe, you should refrigerate.

• CBD creams

Our CBD creams will come in packaging designed for proper storage you should still be stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry to keep the components at their best.

Where to store all your CBD-cannaibis-oils.co.uk products

Your CBD products should be store in a safe dry place out of sunlight this should ensure they are potent for as long as you need them. Just keep in mind light, temperature and air, this will ensure your product has a maximum shelf life

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