What are flavonoids and what do they do?

Flavonoids are small phytonutrients that are found in most plants just look at your everyday vegetables like onions, green peppers, sweetcorn they all have a vast array of colours they all get their colour from flavonoids!

These flavonoids have developed through evolution to protect the plants from blight or disease or filter the right type of UV light for that plant and they exist on the king an through the plant or vegetable the flavonoids can also act as pollinators, to aid the reproduction of the plant.

When humans consume the plants and the flavonoids the protective qualities of the compound is injected by us and can protect us from disease and can also act as an antinflamatory agent.

Lets look closer at flavonoids and where we can find them.

Flavonoids are all around us

There are for four main groups in the clasifction: neoflavonoids,flavonoids, isoflavonoids, and anthocyanins. There is only one particular flavonoids we are concerned with here at cbd-cannabis-oils.co.uk the Cannabis sativa speciescannflavins which we will look at in more depth later.

With over 6000 lavonoids to choose from and four different categories within the compound although some research is being done around these specifications.

For now, it is more than sufficient to highlight several prominent flavonoids, many of which you will find in household food, drink, and plants.

Examples of flavonoids

• Cannflavins A, B, C

The flavonoids that exist only in the Cannabis sativa species, cannflavins these were only discovered in the the 1980s, while cannflavin C wasn’t isolated until 2008.

• Apigenin

These are found in celery,parsley chamomile tea with over 68% of the total flavonoids in chamomile plants are apigenin.

• Kaempferol

Kaempferol is found in aloe vera, apples, bananas, grapes, green tea and Brussels sprouts.

• Quercetin

Quercetin is found in vegetables, grains, and onions, the flavour is bitter and the taste of quercetin can often be found in dietary supplements and drinks.

Flavonoids in CBD Oil with Structural Formulas horizontal business infographic illustration about cannabis as herbal alternative medicine and chemical therapy, healthcare and medical science vector.

How flavonoids work

Flavonoids work in cannabis by working in synergy with the other compounds in the sativa plant what is important to note is how effectively how they all interact with the human body, plus there the entourage effect to consider this is a powerful phenomenon in which the cannabis sativa compounds synergise for enhanced effects which is why cannabinoids and terpenes are seen as the key players in the entourage effect.

So why are flavonoids are important

The most important things flavonoids do is prevent oxidation and plants and foods without flavonoids would not be good as the flavonoids play a crucial part by touring pans and fruits and the play a further part in cannabis by the entourage effect.

Scientific studies are ongoing to identify the attributes of specific flavonoids related to cannabis and other pants to isolate certain properties and looking at how flavonoids could influence the human body, but given the sheer number of flavonoids that exist, there is still plenty to discover we can also understand the importance of a balanced diet rich in these organic compounds this would include our very own CBD oils.

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