What is Pinene

Pinene is a common major terpene the “Cannabis sativa” species with an aroma of pine .Pinene has two structural isomers with minor variations, beta-pinene and alpha-pinene, which appear in pine trees and other woodland trees. Pinene is a compound that forms part of a plant’s natural defences, this compound plays a large part in repelling insects with its distinct aroma.Pinene can be isolated and extracted, is can also used in industrial cleaners and perfumes.

What is a Terpenes?

Terpenes are compounds of an aromatic nature found in hundreds plant species and foods this includes “Cannabis sativa”.

What type of aroma is Pinene

Pinene or to give the compound its full name ‘Alpha-pinene’s’ aroma is similar to pine rosemary and pine trees, beta-pinene gives off a scent similar to basil and basil.

Pinene can also be found in

Conifers, rosemary, oranges, parsley dill, and .

Supporting research

White papers have been written in preclinical studies about pinene have involved animals, these seem to suggest that compound appears to have a very broad influence these results include demonstrating a possible anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, antimicrobial, and possibly memory enhancing capabilities.

In a 2007 paper in the “Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences” which tested the comon antimicrobial action of α-pinene and β-pinene this was against gram-positive bacteria, the two compounds showed “total elimination of the bacteria inoculum in a maximum time of 24 hours of exposure” this concluded that pinene has a “possible and rational use in antimicrobial therapy”

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