Tips For Buying Highest Quality CBD Products


4 Tips For Buying Highest Quality CBD Products


Whether you are a beginner in the CBD market or you’re buying the product for the 40th time, it can be a challenge to know where to start or find the right tips to get your hands on the best CBD products. Things have become a lot more complicated as there are a variety of products available today but you should know that not every CBD product out there is pure or of the highest quality. In fact, it is much more likely that you will end up buying a CBD product that’s not up to the mark. Here are 4 tips to help you buy the best possible CBD product:


1. Focus on THC


Our CBD products are extracted from hemp plants. If you don’t know, hemp is a variety of cannabis and it is grown for non-drug use. In the United States, it is known as industrial hemp and it is bred to have less than 0.3% THC. THC is the substance that gives marijuana users the well-known high. The 2018 Farm Bill has made industrial hemp completely legal in the US and this is what is used in all of our CBD products.


The 0.3% THC concentration as crucial as marijuana is still banned in many states and also in places in Europe like Ireland according to this site. It is known by a variety of names such as ganja, Mary Jane or weed but all of these refer to substances with THC concentration above 0.3%. In case the CBD oil or another product you buy has more than 0.3% concentration of THC, that product isn’t legal in case you are in one of the many states where THC is still illegal. This is why, it is important for you to know the concentration of THC in the CBD products you buy. If you are unable to find the right THC levels in the product you are planning to buy, it is recommended to not make that purchase. Keep in mind that all the Tanasi CBD products are completely legal across the US and meet the THC standards in all states.


2. Care about Other Ingredients


While the concentration of THC is important, you should also know the other ingredients in your CBD product. Ideally, all the ingredients should be listed on the label. Here at Tanasi, all the high quality CBD products we make have all the ingredients listed on the label. If the label doesn’t include every ingredient, it’s a big red flag and you shouldn’t buy that product.


3. Look for Third-Party Certification


Including an ingredients list on the label of CBD products is alright but the customer, which is you, shouldn’t be expected to trust everything printed by the manufacturers on the label. This is why it is important to check third-party certification. The tests conducted by third-party accredited laboratories should confirm all the ingredients in the product along with concentration of all those ingredients.


If you do not have access to a certificate of analysis (CoA) listing all the ingredients, you don’t really know what is included in those CBD products and this is a big problem. This is why, it is recommended to buy CBD oil that comes with a certificate of analysis. All reputable sellers will provide this information. We make it available for every single one of our products and you can easily check for yourself only the product webpage. Click on the certificate of analysis button (green) to check the certificate for that particular product.


Keep in mind that not every CBD seller or manufacturer provides the certificate for every single one of their products. In fact, many companies provide it for only a few of their products but it’s not there for all the products in their lineup.


4. Enhance Your CBD Vocabulary


The certificate of analysis is a great tool to check the quality of the product but not everyone is aware of the terms used in those certificates. They use a variety of terms such as compounds, cannabinoids, isoborneol as well as terpinene. These terms might seem too complicated but here are the things you need to consider before clicking that buy button:


Cannabinoids – Tanasi products have a unique combination of various cannabinoids such as CBD and CBDA. In fact, we think that we have finally got the ultimate formula through university research and this is why, we have applied for a patent on the formula. We are willing to share this with the world through our third party testing certificate of analysis and this is why, we have a patent pending for that formula.


Full-spectrum CBD – The hemp plant contains a number of compounds with beneficial properties. Some of these compounds include fatty acids, cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. The full-spectrum CBD will contain a trace amount of THC but our products are always going to have less than 0.3% concentration of THC which meets the FDA regulations and ensures that all the Tanasi CBD products you buy are completely legal in all the states.


RS Compound – This is another ingredient we want to discuss. In our CBD tinctures, we make use of MCT oil. However, you’ll find this listed under various compounds and a whole section of the certificate of analysis is dedicated to it. In order to understand all the ingredients in our products, check our blog post on the subject.


Terpene– This compound is responsible for the flavor and fragrance of our hemp extract products. We stand behind our products tasting natural as they are completely natural. Various companies selling CBD products use a number of gimmicks to mask the natural flavor of the terpenes and this is why, their products taste like bubblegum but those products are not natural. We don’t like adding any artificial ingredients to our products. This is why, we use the most natural flavors for flavoring our products such as mint and citrus.


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